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At the Margins

The focus of our attention is often directed toward the epicenter of environmental habitats and hobby trends: primary rainforests and barrier reefs and enclosure designs that are easily replicated.  But what lies along the edges of those habitats and philosophies?

MC2016 will take us to the fringes of these environmental and creative landscapes, showcasing some of the planet's lesser seen and under appreciated ecosystems as well as introducing us to innovative and artistic approaches to their re-creation.



September 9-10, 2016


Seattle, WA





MICROCOSM celebrates the natural world and our understanding of it through the creation of naturalistic microcosms (terrariums, aquariums, etc.). Through field trips and lectures we explore themes of conservation and sustainability as they apply to nature-based hobbies, as well as consider novel and innovative approaches to enclosure design and captive husbandry.

Over the course of the 2-day event there is plenty of time for socializing, as well as buying/selling plants and animals through our expedition tables and live auction.  More than just a show, MICROCOSM is a one-of-a-kind experience that seeks to raise the bar in how we practice and approach our 'glass box' hobbies and, ultimately, the world in which we live.


2016 Presenter

Michael Ready is a nature photographer based in San Diego and an Associate Fellow for the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP).  From vanishing amphibians to bioluminescent squid, Ready's collection of images seeks to reveal the diversity of life and particularly its smaller and lesser-known forms. While possessing a background deeply rooted in natural history, Ready’s vision is divergent from typified nature photography. With an eye for rich colors, abstract patterns, and compositional mystery, the resulting images bring a sense of wonder and connection to the wild...and to the idea that nothing is outside of nature.

"So much wildlife is undervalued simply for the reason that it is not itself easily recognizable, and its contribution to the planet, ecosystem, or humanity, even less so. This is especially true of the smaller forms – the strange ones that require us to get down into the undergrowth with a magnifying glass, snorkel a stream, or explore the nooks of a reef to know they are there. The bulk of my work focuses on these unusual yet captivating and often beautiful creatures. I try to create windows to those secret worlds in ways that foster a greater awareness of the magnificence of the natural world and its enormous biodiversity – and hopefully encourage action to preserve wildlife and wild places." 


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