September 11-12, 2015    |    Seattle, WA


MICROCOSM is a celebration of 'glass box culture,' connecting people with the natural world through the creation of terrariums, aquariums and other naturalistic elements. 

If you're accustomed to the usual frog/fish/plant show, MICROCOSM is a complete departure from that model.  It's less about making sales or finding a good deal and more about gathering together with people of a similar interest and passion as yours.  From verdant gardens and rustic pubs to inspiring presentations and discussions, MICROCOSM is a time to appreciate the plants and animals we keep and to hear stories from those who have observed them in the wild.  Of course, there are still opportunities to go home with something new and unique (or possibly an entirely new hobby to jump into), but those will be encountered in different ways throughout the experience.   

If this sounds like your kind of event, then we invite you to join us: to be curious, to explore, and to more fully appreciate this world in which we live through two days of field trips, social gatherings, slideshows, flora/fauna tables and a fundraising auction.  All proceeds from the event go toward TWI's amphibian conservation programs and initiatives.

You must register in order to participate and space is very limited: visit the registration page to secure your spot!


This year's event is possible thanks to the generous Personal contributions of:

Ron Gagliardo
Steve Waldron
Todd Kelley
Christina Hanson


Gabe Wauson
Eric Malolepsy
Michael Wallitis
Erik & Catherine Holtzapple
Ian Hiler
Amanda Sihler
Jeremy Mott
Jennifer Pramuk
Phil Tan
Christopher Miller


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