Tree Walkers International is a grassroots organization committed to the conservation of wild amphibian populations and encouraging the relationship between people and the natural world. MICROCOSM serves as a major source of funding for our amphibian conservation programs and initiatives. By becoming a sponsor you help offset the costs associated with holding the event, freeing up more money to be allocated directly to amphibian conservation. Please consider supporting MC2015 and amphibian conservation through the following sponsorship levels:


Sponsor Level I: $300
Your logo/name will appear on our website (mid-level in the footer of the homepage), banners, posters, social media. You will also be acknowledged during the event.  This level of sponsorship includes 1 complimentary vendor table.

Sponsor Level II: $500
Your logo/name will appear on our website (large and at the top of the footer on the homepage) and all banners, posters, social media/communications, etc. that are distributed and be acknowledged during the event.  You will also receive 2 complimentary vendor tables.

Keynote Lecture Sponsor: $1,500
Your level of support will cover all costs associated with the Friday evening lecture and event kickoff (venue rental, keynote speaker travel & lodging). The lecture will discuss themes of encouraging travel, exploration, conservation, natural history and connecting with the natural world.  You will be acknowledged as the sponsor of the lecture on our website (including logo), announced as the sponsor during the event on Friday and allowed 1 table (if desired) for display and/or information or products in the lecture hall for the duration of the event on the evening of Friday, Sept. 11.

Event Partner: $2,000
Your level of support will help cover a portion of the costs associated with the Saturday vendor show: any remaining portion of your financial support will go directly toward amphibian conservation. As an event partner you join us in promoting the goals and philosophy of TWI/MICROCOSM, including the practice of a sustainable hobby and the conservation of wild organisms and their ecosystems. You also commit to promoting methods/materials/equipment that allow the humane and naturalistic replication of these animals and their environments.