[What is the] extinction of a condor to a child who has never seen a wren?
— Robert Michael Pyle

Operation Frog Pond (OFP) is a program of Tree Walkers International that creates quality habitat for native amphibians by promoting the establishment or restoration of amphibian-friendly ponds and wetlands. 

OFP encourages average citizens (homeowners, teachers and students, nature and environmental organizations) to create ponds and water features on their properties and in public spaces of their communities (schoolyards, nature parks, pocket parks).  In addition to helping out native amphibian populations in their area, these ponds allow ordinary people to engage in hands-on conservation work, bring about awareness in the community regarding amphibians and their plight, and inspire the next generation of naturalists and scientists.

To help people create/restore amphibian habitat and frog ponds, we offer financial assistance toward the cost of materials.  Current restrictions are that the projects must take place within the Pacific Northwest region (WA, OR, ID, MT) and they must somehow be used as an educational tool for students in the area.  Applicants must submit a proposal that briefly details their project, its projected conservation status in the area, and how it will be used to educate local students and/or citizens.