Registration is a 2-step process: the registration form is the first.  Paying your registration donation is the second.



Please Be Aware:  Your registration is not complete until we receive your payment in full.  If we do not receive your payment within 7 days, your registration will become void and your space(s) will be made available to others.

Step 1

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Box lunches will be provided and are included in the cost of the registration donation. Please choose from the following options:
Rather than a traditional vendor show, we will have a few tables available for people to sell some fixed-priced plants, animals, etc. on Saturday (see the Schedule page for more info). If you would like to bring items to sell on the table, please let us know what sorts of things you have in mind so we can let people know what they can expect to find.

Step 2

MICROCOSM utilizes the services of the non-profit service Social & Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) to process all payments and donations, which is the name you will see on your statement.

Although individual registrations cover a large portion of the costs associated with putting on MICROCOSM, there is still approximately $1,500 that must be raised through the live auction and sponsorships and/or personal donations.  Any amount donated above the registration fee enables us to organize an event of the highest quality, and is greatly appreciated.