Below is a general overview of the weekend's schedule: a detailed version with locations and times will be e-mailed to all attendees before the event.  


All events are for registered attendees only.  You must be a paid registrant for the entire event in order to participate.

Day 1



This year's event will kick-off with an evening BBQ at the home of Todd Kelley and Christina Hanson, providing a time for good food, good drinks and great company...not to mention a chance to take in an iconic collection of Dendrobatids and backyard orchids. 

The BBQ is the only event scheduled for Friday, allowing much of the day for people to travel to Seattle.


Day 2


Inspiration: Twan Leenders

Twan Leenders will start the day with a presentation on his travels and work with Mesoamarican reptiles and amphibian species.

Lunch / Wetland Walk

Take some time from the presentation to walk the trails of the Union Bay wetland preserve and observe turtles, beavers and a variety of other species.  Box lunch provided.

Application: TBD

A second presenter will take us through innovative ways we can approach our glass boxes and apply ecological principles to their design and maintenance.


Here's how it works: there are a several tables covered with all the choice plants and animals people have brought to sell.  All prices on the items are fixed: there is no negotiating.  Attendees are allowed access to the tables in groups of 10 based on their order of registration (the earlier you register, the sooner you get access to the tables).  You have a set window of time to peruse the tables and grab your 3-item limit.  Then the next group of 10 comes through...and so on until everyone has a chance at the tables.  We then allow one more round with each group getting another opportunity and access to another 3 items.  Once everyone has filtered through twice, the tables are opened up to everyone for the remaining items.  Anything not purchased must return home with the seller who brought it.  In other words: bring what people will want, not just what you want to get rid of (see below). 


With drinks flowing and our pockets full of cash from the expedition tables, we head into the live auction.   Frogs, fish, geckos, plants, custom enclosures, vintage natural history items and classic hobby publications – this is your chance to walk away with an epic haul of goods.  All money brought in through the auction is used to fund the following year's event.


We'll wrap up the event with a pizza dinner (everyone chips in) and a couple hours of hanging and savoring the final moments of MC2016.  We will also enjoy our now traditional Slideshow Super Slam, where people step up to the mic and share a few images and stories from the exotic locations they've visited.


The Expedition Tables

Although many of the items available on the tables will only be known the day of the event, we do ask people to give us an idea of what they plan on bringing so participants can get a general sense of what will be available.


Rare Epipedobates






Peruvian aquatic shrimp


Ecuadorian species
West African species